Carter Farm


"All you need is love and a lab!"

Carter Farm Labs has relocated to south central KY!  We are located in a small town called Center, KY in the heart of south central KY and only 20 minutes from Mammoth Cave National Park.  We are one hour from Bowling Green and Elizabethtown and only 1.5 hours from Louisville and Nashville, TN, 2 hours from Lexington.

A little about us!

We raise our labradors on our 160 acre farm, alongside our Red Angus cattle, horses, and of course our children!  We are a small hobby breeder that focuses on Labradors that will make perfect family companions.  Most of our Labradors are English in appearance being medium in height, with stocky builds, blocky heads, otter tails, and thick coats. We try to stay within the standard for size with our labradors and the puppies we produce, females 55-70lbs and males 65-80lbs.  They also tend to have the laid back, easy going, loving personality of the English labrador.  They are labradors and love to retrieve but we do not focus on the high drive that you may find in American/ Field bred labradors.  We specialize in chocolate labradors and most of our litters are chocolate, but we will occasionally have other colors too!  Even though color is important, we breed with health, pedigree, and improvement in mind with each litter.  We started our love for Labradors 14 years ago with our first two Labradors.  Our Labradors are part of our daily life on our farm, mostly enjoying roaming the fields, riding on the gator, digging for groundhogs, and swimming/ playing with our small children! 

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